Denis Baldwin (denisbaldwin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Denis Baldwin

I found myself in a bit of a pickle a minute ago, and someone here might have some good advice for me.

On Saturday, I sold my car to a girl I know. She gave me a $500 deposit (of the $3000 she was to pay for it) and signed a purchase agreement saying she'd give me $500 at that time (which she did) and $1000 tomorrow (02/06) and the remaining $1500 next Tuesday (02/13). At this time, I would give her the title and she could have the car. I told her at the time of the deposit that we would both sign the purchase agreement so that there was no confusion on who was paying what and when. She agreed, signed and dated and we each retained a copy.

An hour ago, a girl I don't know came to my house with my extra car key (which I gave to the buyer to make a copy of for her dad) and the purchase agreement. She insisted that I give her (the girl I never met) the $500 back for the buyer. I refused.

She left with no keys, no contract and no money.

So, my questions.

Since I have a signed purchase agreement here with dates and acknowledgements on what is due and when and she has chosen to default on the agreement, am I legally liable to return her deposit?

Isn't the point of purchase agreements and deposits to secure something from a seller?

If she chooses not to continue per the terms of the agreement (which I have witnesses to her signing), do I keep the deposit and she has no legal leg to stand on?

I've known her for a while and I had no intention of deceiving her or misleading her and took the deposit in good faith. It just frustrates the hell out of me that she's now trying to back out of a deal that she wasted my entire saturday coming to terms on.

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