oh & time's a loaded gun. (heaven_falling) wrote in thequestionclub,
oh & time's a loaded gun.

laptop mishap :(

Last night, my lovely boyfriend knocked over a Corona onto my laptop keyboard (however, not toooo much spilled). Proceeding me immediately flipping out, I turned it off, turned it on its side so the liquid would drain, and then took the keyboard off to dry underneath it--it seemed as if all the liquid drained onto this flat metal panel that was underneath the side of the keyboard the beer spilled on. I let everything dry and now my laptop is working fine, except for the Enter, Backspace and . key don't work at all.

SO, I called Dell today to place an order for a replacement keyboard. After explaining my mishap and waiting on hold for a while, they put me on the phone with some guy who tells me I Have to send the computer in to get the motherboard cleaned out and prevent any further corrosion from occuring. He says although it might act fine after the spill, after a day or so it might do otherwise. I say, It's been a full day already and it's still fine. He says not cleaning it would allow the liquid to continue to corrode the motherboard.

All in all,
new keyboard= $30
sending it in to be cleaned = $199 and 2 weeks without my laptop
my motherboard possibly randomly dying one day from extended corrosion= $500

Has anyone experienced a similar situation? I don't know what to dooo.
I'm a college student and losing my laptop for 2 weeks would be very very very inconvenient.
I'm also poor.

Help TQC! :(

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