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You have two job interviews.

One results in an offer of a trial shift, followed by starting fulltime the next day. It's in a bakery, on your feet selling bread to people for 7 hours a day.

The other results in you being told you'll be contacted in a few days time for a second interview if you're shortlisted. It's in an office, doing semi-interesting work and sitting down most of the time. It's also significantly easier to get too and from.

The next morning, a recruitment agency calls because you applied for an even better job through them. They want to have an interview with you. Not the job, just the agency. Pretty much a bog-standad "we want to get your details on file", rather than a "you have a legitimate chance at the job you applied for" (which I don't think I do, I just applied because I figured there was no harm in applying).

What do you do?

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