Lori 2.0 (head_xplody) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lori 2.0


What do you do when the radiator is shooting hot water up into the air?! :O I realize it's filled with water, and there's this little silver valve thing on the side that the water's coming out of, but... it's squirting water into the room, which I am fairly sure is not a thing it's supposed to do, and, uh, it's getting everything wet. I tried to turn the valve to see if I could turn it off, but it's spouting really hot water and I can't really get to it without getting drowned/burnt. Am I an idiot? I've never had a radiator before =/

ETA: I have no idea where the RA is, I left a note... it's stopped for the moment, and I have a thing there collecting the water so it's no longer defcon 5. I'm not sure if I should wait to get in touch with my roommate or go on a mad dash around campus in the cold, trying to find someone who can give me assistance. D:

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