gonepishing (gonepishing) wrote in thequestionclub,

I really hate to ask this type of question but...

What should I have for dinner? I suck at cooking and no one is home tonight so that=making my sister and I dinner tonight.

I have an array of things...including:

Vande Kamps beer battered fish fillets
a wide variety of cereals including cheerios, fruity pebbles, corn puffs, etc.
frozen strawberries
hash browns
nutty bars
dill pickles (spears)
pop corn
sliced peaches
sliced pears
candy hearts (you know, the kind that say things like "Hot stuff!" and "Fuck me now!" on them).
Ritz Crackers
Every spice under the sun, basically
Boca brand Soy Sausage links
Rye Bread
White bread
apple sauce
every flavor of fruit yogurt
grated mexican cheese
tortilla shells (the soft, big kind)
a head of lettuce
a bad of big long carrots

I have access to a deep fryer if that means anything.

so please, oh wise and creative members of TQC, during this, my time of need while my mind is under the influence of many cold medicines, what should I make myself for dinner?
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