JenJen (obigrrl) wrote in thequestionclub,

In and around our city there has been an alarming surge in the number of dog attacks on people just out doing random things. One man was out jogging and a pit bull jumped its fence and attacked the man...he didn't even provoke the dog. The dog lunged for his neck and he defended himself and managed to drag the dog (who was locked on him) home and had his wife call 911. He ended up killing the dog with his bare hands before emergency personnel arrived. The dog's owner claims it was just a senseless murder of her pet and her dog was never vicious.

I like to take my dog with me on my walks, but one of the last few times I had, there were several instances of peoples' dogs running out to bark at us. One even charged, but I managed to keep it at bay by yelling and stomping. I haven't been walking much since because of that. Luckily, it wasn't a pit bull.

My question is, when I'm out with my dog, what can I do to deter these loose dogs from charging and/or attacking my dog or me when we're out. Would some kind of pepper spray be too inhumane to ward off such an attack? I used to carry a large walking stick with me, but I doubt that would stop a determined pit bull. I know these are people's pets because they're wearing collars and they come bounding from the front or backyards. I don't want to hurt the animals because they're someone's pet, but I also don't want my own pet hurt/killed in the process. We rescued her from a shelter, so she's not very aggresive at all toward other dogs.

I thought maybe a cattle prod of some kind...something that would give a slight electric zap (without causing too much pain) but I have no idea where to even find something like that.

EDIT: I'm sorry I've brought up such a sore subject with everyone. I simply wanted to get suggestions on humane deterrents to stop a charging dog. When I said "Luckily, it wasn't a pit bull," I was merely stating that I was lucky because my stomping and yelling probably wouldn't have stopped it. Again, I apologize for ruffling any feathers.
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