Kana (ascara) wrote in thequestionclub,

An icky disturbing question

How do you feel the Nazi war crimes compared with the Japanese war crimes ( Example Unit 731 ) specifically in the area of extermination and medical experiments, you can google it and get wikipedia.  Do you feel like there is a worse of two evils in the experiments?

And was Unit731 something you learned about in school or college? Did you find out about some other way? Was this the first time you've heard of it? 

EDIT: Basically I only wanted to know was if this was something people had learned about, thanks for the input. It's amazing that so many of you guys did.

I feel that the Japanese had a lot more brutality with their crimes. ( Won't go in to deep for the sake of weak stomached readers )

I found out about it in college through a Japanese History class, but only because someone did a report on the camp.
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