junsui_chikyuu (junsui_chikyuu) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm turning 21 in June.
1. What did any of you do for your 21st birthday (or how would you want to spend it)?
2. Who did you invite?
3. For those of you in the NY tristate area, I'd like to go out at least one night. What's a good bar or club (preferably in Manhattan)?
4. Are there any bars or clubs that don't card to get in that you would recommend? (Most of my friends are a matter of months younger than me, so even though most of them don't drink, it would suck if they couldn't or couldn't even get in. And I wouldn't do that to them.)
5. Do you think having three parties sounds ridiculous? (One for family, one for friends at home, and one for the wild night out.)
6. Do you think having a special party for 21 sounds ridiculous, period?
7. Have you ever seen My Super Sweet 16?
8. Did you HAVE a Sweet 16?
(I went to a comedy club for my 16th bday, but my friends did the all out cotillion parties-like-weddings. That was fun.)
Edit: 9. Are there any drinks that you suggest I try?
Right now I just have Jolly Rancher shots and Chocolate Cake shots (which are THE shit, btw) on the list.

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