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1. where do you stand on the kinsey scale?

2. do you think that two males or two females in looove or being affectionate is more acceptable by society? why do you think that? can you think of any reasons why that is?

3. what are your feelings on PDA? public displays of affection, not the computers. is there an amount of PDA is okay? how much is too much, if you think there is a limit?

4. what was the happiest moment of your life?

5. did you have a crush on any of your teachers? did anything happen with it? be honest!

6. what is your favorite chewing gum?

7. top three pet peeves?

8. what is your town/school/university/area known for? i know this question was asked before, but i an mostly asking specifically for those in college or universities but don't want to leave people out.

1. i am a 4 on the kinsey scale.
2. i think it's more acceptable for women but i am not sure about the other questions, that's why i'm asking you guys.
3. i think hand holding or quick kisses are okay, but anything else makes me feel reallllllyyyyy uncomfortable.
4. i'm not sure, actually. i think probably laying in bed with my at the time girlfriend and just being totally ridiculous and silly and happy.
5. OHHH MAN yes! i had the hugest crush on my algebra teacher in high school and on my fifth grade music teacher and now i sort of have a crush on my lit professor. he is amazing.
6. i think my favorite would have to be the pink orbit stuff. it's really good for bubbles and it doesn't snap and explode on your lips like other gums to. :(
7. when i can hear people chewing. when people scrape the leftover bits of food off their plate. for example, when at a picnic, when people SCRAPE the GOO leftover from potato salad off their PAPERRRRR plate with a plastic fork and eat that. oh gosh it makes me want to puuukeeee. the same goes with when people do things like... scrape salad dressing off of a bowl and eat it. the food is done with! throw it away! also, when i go to a resturant with my friends and they like to throw all of the leftover stuff into one glass and mess around with it. for example, dumping the leftover syrup from your pancakes into your glass of orange pop and dumping the drippings from the creamers from your coffee then some pepper flakes and mixing it all around with your straw. ewwwwwww.
8. my hometown is 3/4 of a mile away from the famous 8 mile, like in eminem's movies and stuff. my college is famous for being one of the top education universities in the US. we also had Dann Florek go here, he's Captain Cragen on law and order: SVU. that's really all we're famous for.
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