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Can I have some more please Sir?

I feel the world caring on outside, I have hidden myself in my room for long enough. I want to become part of civilization again, I've been too shy for too long now. I want to strip off my clothes and run through the town naked. Needing the connection of the bullshit keeps me afraid to join them in their games of hiding behind the mask of false personality. Afraid that the real me will meet with hostile resistance, not playing by their rules, not caring what I feel they will pull me aside and roll me for the next fix of raw emotion. Prey upon me for my innocence I have regained, restored, reclaimed.

Can I be a man if I am not the man you want me to me to be?
Can I still be a man if I am not the man you expect me to be?
Can I be a man if your touch make me cower away?
Can I be a man even if I don't play by your rules?
Can I still call myself a man even after you cast my husk aside?

Can I stand up to you and tell you to fuck off as you laugh at me?

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