Arianna (arianna) wrote in thequestionclub,

random questions

1. Why do socks almost always seem to come in a resealable bag?

2. If your house/apartment/whatever caught on fire, what would you run out with? (let us assume you have a limited amount of time to choose some things and run without getting killed or hurt in the process).

3. Are you afraid of death/dying?

4. If you could find out when and how you will die, would you want to know? Why/why not? (You would not be able to do anything to change your fate should you choose to be given this knowledge).

1. I have no idea, but they come in handy when I'm changing my socks after a long sweaty workout and don't want to stink up my gym bag.

2. I would grab my pets and my photos of my father. I couldn't live without my pets, and I would be devastated if I lost the photos of my father as he died when I was eleven, and they are all I really have left of him now.

3. I am not afraid of dying. I'm not sure if it is due exclusively to my chosen career path (funeral director), or if it is just because it has never really concerned me. Of course I'd like to go painless and very quickly, but not everyone is that lucky unfortunately.

4. I'm unsure about this one. On one hand, I'd like to know because I could plan my life around it as best as possible and prepare for it, but on the other hand I think it would creep me out, especially if my death is not a quick and painless one. I am still uncertain whether this is something I would like to know or not if it was possible to do so.

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