tovasshi (tovasshi) wrote in thequestionclub,

Book club selections.

Okay, advice is needed from the bookworms of the group here.

I need suggestions. I narrowed down my choices the following:

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

God Created the Integers By Stephen Hawking.

The Unfolding of Language By Guy Deutscher

Coincidences, Chaos, and All Thats Math Jazz By Edward B. Burger and Micheal Starbird.

A little History of Canada By H.V. Nelles

Alternatives to Sex By Stephen McCauley

Bloodletting & Mircaulous cures By Vincent Lam

Talk Talk By T.C. Boyle

The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, 2nd Edition By Michael Newton.

The Brief History of the Dead. By Kevin Brockmeier.

Mental-Floss presents forbidden knowledge

Censored 2007

Why do Men Fall Asleep after sex? By Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg M.D.

The Mobius Strip By Clifford Pickover

The End of Faith by Sam Harris

Possible Side effects Augusten Burroughs

Any of them you enjoyed? Any you didn't like? If you had to narrow the list down to 5 choices, which would they be?

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