Sam (hukedanfonix) wrote in thequestionclub,

CD ROM drive irritations

I know this isn't LJ Tech Support, but I'm sure there are quite a few people who know a bit more about computers than myself on here.  My CD ROM drive on my laptop is driving me nuts.  Simply put, it will read some CDs and not others.  I'm trying to rip some music into my computer, and for some reason, it just will NOT register that some CD's are there.  I've tried it with both CDs I've gotten from the store, and mix CD's I've burned from ITunes, and so I am able to rule out that it doesn't like burned CD's.  (And I put the same CD's in another computer and it works fine, but its annoying to have to transfer them over to this one VIA a Flash drive).  I tried rolling back the drivers, and it didn't help.  Any ideas, or is my drive just going bad?  This laptop is only nearly 2 years old. 
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