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Alright so, when I was little, I LOVED Nightmare Before Christmas. Then, when I got older, I saw that some NBC things were now being sold and I got excited. Then I realized that my love was stolen by an annoying group of kids and that I didn't want to associate myself with them. Years later the Scene kids came and stole my love for dinosaurs. I hope they stay away from The Brave Little Toaster.

Anyhoo, my question is: Is there anything that you once loved oh so dearly that suddenly because trendy with a group that sucks and you no longer proudly proclaim your love for said fandom/thing? What is it?

Edited to say:
As Kiwi_From_Hell said: It doesn't make me stop liking something, but it stops me broadcasting my love of it. That's what I meant, not that you actually started to dislike something or disown it. :)

And holy crap, I go to eat some yummy gumbo and I come back and already have 46 emails in my mailbox!
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