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I've had three cats so far in my lifetime- one who became a crotchety old fart at the ripe old age of two, and then got out and ran away about two years later, one who was the sweetest, most affectionate cat I've ever encountered, though not very bright, who died at home when he was thirteen, and now, my new cat, who's a little bit crazy, but loves me to death, who's about three.

The first two cats would not touch any toys given to them after they were about a year old. The crotchety old fart wouldn't play, period. The sweet but stupid one would only play with a toy he'd found on his own- a dropped straw or twisty-tie on the kitchen floor, usually. Every other cat I've known has been fairly similar. My new cat, though, will play with anything and everything, and spends the hours that he's not sleeping or eating doing so.

My question is- Have you ever met an adult cat who played more than a kitten?

What's the strangest toys your cat has played with? (Mini tennis balls and rawhide bones made for toy-sized dogs; his current favourite is that small strip of plastic that you pull off the lid of a gallon of milk when you open it)

And on an unrelated note- What's your favourite flavoring or other additive to put in your coffee/espresso/tea/cocoa? (Hazelnut or irish creme for coffee and espresso, usually cinnamon and nutmeg in my tea and cocoa. Also, I've started putting a teaspoon of french vanilla instant coffee mix in my cocoa.)
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