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Have you ever watched Ghost Hunters on SciFi channel (there's a marathon today)?

Do you think it's faked?

How about that other one on Travel Channel with the british people? A Haunting, maybe it's called... EDIT: Most Haunted is what it's called. Thanks tessibean

Do you think that one is faked?

Anything relevant you'd like to add? Ghost stories or spooky occurrences or what have you.

I like to watch it. Sometimes, I think the drama between the cast members is faked, but I'm not sure about the ghost stuff they caught. A lot of the EVPs are really spooky.

I watched it a few times and it seems pretty contrived (if that's the right word). It seems like they are always being possessed or they are being chased by ghosts. I think that one is pretty fake.

I am bored. Entertain me with ghostly stories! Boooo!
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