and i will forever hate roses (joeytheteapot) wrote in thequestionclub,
and i will forever hate roses

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1. Out of the top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100, which songs do you like?

2. Anyone here like the movie Tron?

3. Anyone here like Return To Oz?

4. Anyone like Ron White?

5. Does "Say It Right" by Nelly Furtado have just a tiny tiny smidge of 80's music sounds in it to anyone else? Or am I totally alone in this?

1. I like:
Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
Gwen Stefani & Akon - The Sweet Escape
Fergie - Fergalicious
Justin Timberlake - SexyBack
Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats
Christina Aguilera - Hurt
PCD & Timbaland - Wait A Minute

2. Yes! I'm obsessed with just about anything from the 80's. Tron's a lot of fun and definitely a product of its time. I LIKE the very primitive computer animation in it, and the score is so deliciously 80's, with the synths and everything.

3. Absolutely. I LOVE the Judy Garland movie, but this one's amazing too.

4. Fuck yes!

5. :P
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