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Live Free or Die Hard!! (aka Die Hard 4)

Can you believe they're making a fourth?

Does Hollywood suffer from a lack of fresh action stars?
As perhaps evidenced by Arnold making T:3 12 years after T:2 at about the same age Bruce is now, and Bruce also is making Die Hard 4 about 12 years after Die Hard 3. Not even to mention Sylvester, making yet another Rocky a whopping 16 years after the last one.

And hell, they're slated to make another Rambo, 20 years after the last one. o.O

If not, what actors are there that you think will fill the role of the action hero for years to come?
The Rock comes to mind.. Perhaps Vin. Even so, I've yet to see anyone of today have that intangible "it" factor that the stars of yesteryear seemed to posses so well. Like Stallone, Schwarzneggar, Willis, Snipes.. or even Steven Seagal.. haha..

Are you sick of sequals? I mean, granted, I'll most likely indeed see Shrek 3 and then Die Hard 4 because I'm a sucker for Bruce Willis.. but part of me feels dirty for supporting Hollywood's seemingly growing trend of making sequel after sequel after sequel rather than come up with something new.

What's next, a sequel to Commando? Little Alyssa Milano sure has grown up since then..

Do you think Hollywood's doomed to obscurity? As in.. you can only make so many groundbreaking films, you can only cover so many real life stories.. you can only make so many unique football movies.. (yet they keep making them.. haha..)

Is it just me, or was there a certain charm to films of the 80's early 90's and if so what happened to that charm anyway? Drowned out by CGI?

Is it sad that Steven Seagal has been demoted to forever making B movies? Of course he's not a great actor, but damn is he hilarious.

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