Killer Queen (cake_n_bacon) wrote in thequestionclub,
Killer Queen

1) Five years ago: My uncle was a minister of a small church, had a very conservative view on just about everything, had a strict view of just how his family was supposed to look and act, and was always preaching to people around him about God and Jesus and whatnot.
Today: My uncle shaved his head, grew a funky goatee, and stepped down from being a minister. He's now covered in tattoos, shows anyone who stands still long enough his nipple piercings, works for a flashy design company, and has gone extremely liberal in his views.

Do you know anyone who has gone through extreme changes like this?

2) I have an HP desktop computer with Windows XP Media Center installed. I have virus protection programs and adaware, so I know I have no problems on my computer. No matter what I do, I cannot change the desktop appearance. I mean, I can change the color of it, and move the icons, but I've downloaded wallpapers for my desktop and no matter how I try I can't make the wallpaper appear. If I right click on the desktop, select properties, and click on desktop, the window to select the background is completely grayed out ad I can't select anything in it, or scroll through it. What can I do to fix this?

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