see me down to the edge of the wild (faecat) wrote in thequestionclub,
see me down to the edge of the wild

I just got a ticket last night - my first in like 6 years or so. Nothing too crazy - speeding ticket for 5 over the limit.

Washington state has a program whereby you can request a deferred finding, meaning that you pay a fee and, if you go 12 months without getting another ticket, the first one never goes on your record, but if you get a ticket in that time frame, you have to pay both of them and some sort of charge for violating the deferral.

However, I'm given to understand that the deferral fee is rather higher than the actual ticket fine (though that's based only on hearsay evidence from my brother who had a deferral back in 2000 when the program was relatively new; I can't find any current documentation on it). So I'm trying to decide whether I'm better off paying the ticket and taking the mark on my currently spotless driving record, or paying the higher deferral fee and keeping it clean.
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