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Please take me seriously.

Okay, for the past few posts you've probably been able to get a good idea about me.. and my obsession with the 1700's and pirates. For the summer, I was originally planning to go England. But then I met someone the other day online. And we soon found out we both have a love of the 1700's and of sailing. He claims to be my age (17) and he even sent me a picture. He told me he's having his own ship built of a replica of the 1700, supposed to look like the Black Pearl (which raises an interesting question of money). He invited me to come down during the summer, and we'd rough it (no technology) on the boat for maybe 2 weeks to a month. We'd make trips that pirates often made.. like Port Royal and Tortuga all in the Caribbean. But then it hit me, doesn't this seem to good to be true? How can I be certain this ship even exists? How do I know he's not some 40 year old man or something? I threatened him with suicide, saying if I ever found out this was all false, I'd do something like that ( of course this isn't true, I just wanted to stress the fact that I don't take this lightly) and he continued to reassure me. Well, I was planning to go down to Orlando anyway this April (he lives in FL), so maybe I could meet up with him and get serious about the trip. Great idea right? But there is yet another problem ... The England program needs to know if I'm coming by March 31, and the earliest I could even go down to FL is April 24th. What do I do? It's my entire dream to go sailing on a ship like that ... but what if it's false, what if he lies, how can I be certain, how do I know? Please help me... I'm so torn.

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