Kimmy (crazykimmy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Freaky Friday!

What's the freakist thing that's ever happened to you on a friday, especially if lj related?

I just posted an ad on CL to get rid of some bar stools I no longer need, and the SO of someone of my friends list responded to my ad. Spooky part? When they asked out of the blue if I was crazkykimmy during the email exchange. What makes this really freaky is I live in NYC, and I know this person on my friends list in life.

PS: I am drinking. Should I mix my malted beverage with irish whiskey or gin as my 2nd beverage?

PSS: I am charging an iPod shuffle I got in Christmas of 2005. The white srtick kind? How do I know it's charged? Will that orange light turn green?

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