So useless and so pretty and so good (raiden_x) wrote in thequestionclub,
So useless and so pretty and so good

Asking a question for my mate Sarah.

A couple of days ago Sarah was asked by an old friend, Lauren, to go to Japan with her in June. She initially jumped on the idea but now that she's thinking about it she's not too sure.

  • She doesn't know Lauren all that well anymore, & would be staying with her mother & step-father (whom she's never met).
  • Neither girl speak Japanese, & would be on their own most of the time.
  • Sarah suffers from anxiety attacks & while she's had it under control for the last few years, she'd be going out of her comfort zone with people she doesn't trust to know how to deal with them.

To anyone who has travelled to a different country alone (without parents/partner/close friend etc), how was your experience?
To anyone who suffers from anxiety/panic attacks, would you recommend her going? Have you been through a similar experience & if so, how did you fare?
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