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You all are gonna hate me for this question...

Anyone else unable to log into MySpace right now? I keep getting this "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete" error every single time I've tried to login, whether from my computer or the other one in my house, and irregardless of browser. I just want to check some damn comments my friend left, and I can reach my page (it's private though) and other stuff, just not the whole login part.

So, anyone else dealing with this?

EDIT: Okay, this is even more WTF, since if I go to my profile page directly, it says I'm logged in, even though it's proving impossible for me to in any browser. I know I didn't get hacked, I just changed my password on it again last night, and it's just weird because if I clear everything (cookies and whatnot), it'll take me to the index, and it'll look like I'm logged in, but it gets stuck on the 'Skip this Advertisement' page, then takes me to an error page that evidently redirects incorrectly for every browser.

I'm just annoyed because the comment's from a friend who broke their phone recently, so this is the best way to set up shit and all... yeah. :P

EDIT2: IE finally let me in, it's all good. :P

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