:) (ohlife) wrote in thequestionclub,

He's a tough one.

My boy loves his classical guitar, the Beatles, dark chocolate, Lost and is an Aerospace major.

Neither of us takes Valentine's seriously (but yay for us tolerating each other long enough to make it to our second V-day).

Any creative/fun/silly ideas for some sort of gift/activity I could give him that involves any of the above?

So far all I've been able to come up with is photoshopping the Beatles into an astronaut image, but I doubt Kinko's would let me make a poster out of that. It would pimp out his dorm, though. If only I could make a guitar-shaped mold for some chocolate...

Seriously though, you can actually come up with what you think is a good idea, or just type out whatever random thing comes to mind, or just snark on Valentine's in general. I love being amused. :D
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