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Transfer =S

Hey TQC!

So, I'm thinking of transferring schools next year. Courses and the school transfer application have to be in within a couple of weeks and I was planning on making my decision by the end of this weekend.

So here's my situation: I'm not sure if I should stay at the high school that I'm currently at or switch to another one. The one that I am currently at is about 5 minutes driving distance and about 45 minutes walking. It's a medium sized school with about 1500-1600 students. I'm a minority in the school (I have no problem with this!! It's just that my parents want me to date within my own religion which is Judaism and its hard when 60% is Asian, 30% is Afghan/Persian/etc and 10% is white with about 2% of that being Jewish) and the other school is about 90% Jewish. As well, the latter is a bigger and newer school. It has 1200 enrolled for next year. It is about 15-20 minutes driving distance depending on the traffic/weather and in the next town. Walking is definitely out of the question.

I'm really not sure what I should do. I have a good support base and a fall back at my current school where over the past 5/6 months I have established many friendly relationships (keeping in mind that I am a grade nine student and have just entered high school and having completed my first semester). At the other school I know some people but I'm worried about making new friends all over again and being confused with the school (typical new student) especially being shy when I first meet people.

I'm not looking for any drama about race or religions related issues... if I had a problem with it I wouldn't be living and learning in such a multicultural community. I would just like some advice about what I should do. In advance, thank you so much for your help!


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