Everyone knew her as Nancy (2nd_date) wrote in thequestionclub,
Everyone knew her as Nancy

1. What's your ethnicity? How many generations do you have to go back before you get to "the real deal" (ancestors actually from the country). I guess the second question probably applies more to Americans and Canadians than Europeans and such.

2. What stereotypical traits known to your ethnicity/ies to you possess?

3. What kind of accent do you have, if any, and how strong is it? Give some examples of phrases you or your region typically use, or feel free to demonstrate your accent phonetically. :)

4. Can you speak a foreign language fluently? Which is it?

1. Scots-Irish and Korean; it's five generations for my Irish side and 1 for my Korean side.

2. Irish traits: I have a horrible temper, I like to drink, I'm very cheap, and I love hot tea
Korean traits: The infamous brutal honesty, horrible temper, love of spicy food, and extreme cleanliness (I scrub the floors by hand...I didn't know what a mop was until I saw one at my best friend's house.)

3. I have a light Southern accent, but it comes out strongly when I'm mad. When I went to DC and Baltimore a few summers ago on vacation, everyone made fun of my accent, but it's really not bad. Ah don't tawk lahk thee-us. :)
Some phrases: y'all, ain't, look here/this here, fixin' to, direc'ly (instead of soon), I reckon, supper (never dinner!), yonder, bless her/his/your heart, I declare!, Lawsamercy, etc.

4. I speak German, which I learned in high school.

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