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Smokers. The most evil that ever evilled? You decide.

Poll #919408 Smokin'.

What should we do to Smokers?

They need to DIE! Round 'em up and kill 'em! It's in the best interest of all.
Why don't we let them smoke in bars again? And restaurants? We'll give 'em their own section.
Let's leave them alone, hey!
Let the cancer kill them. Everyone who has ever smoked a cigarette will die of cancer dontcha know! (Yes, this means YOU!)
Hey wait... doesn't obesity kill more people then lung cancer anyway? Let's round up the obese populii!
Let's light a bunch of cigarettes and burn them all over their body. Then they'll really feel pain!

Explanation as always:

So! I was happily reading along in my livejournal... and read an entry by someone who I don't know in real life (But I don't know any of ya'll in real life) and in the past have had a lot of respect for.

They posted a picture of a womans lips, and a cigarette burn through both upper and bottom lips.

I was curious to the picture and read that they had subjected it "They ALL deserve to die!" And so I chuckled a little, thinking it was a Sweeney Todd reference.. upon closer look I realiized that just didn't make any sense. lol.. So I aksed who deserved to die, and this poster said "

: Smokers. Because they treat one of the most precious gifts like shit. " And I advised that they had just condemned me to death. And one of their precious little sidekicks responded with: no he didn't!! by smoking you did that yourself, sorry to inform you, but you pay a whole lot of money to die in the end in serious pain...a hired killer would cost you less money and maybe even less pain"

The original poster of the comment then made an entry that culminated with the words:
I hope you smokers all get fast-growing cancer and die. You know you deserve nothing less. F*ck*rs.

And that's just some of it. I won't repost it all. Not my entry. These are just the highlights. :)

Sooo. What are your opinions on smoking? :)

Let the flames begin. *lights up a cigarette*

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