a redhead out of her element (marguerlucy) wrote in thequestionclub,
a redhead out of her element

2 dilemmas

hey can you guys give me some advice on 2 dilemmas?

1. I'm costuming a drama club show that my friend Steve is directing. He told me he could probably get me 500-600 dollars payment for it, and when he called me last week, he said "I've got a 600 dollar check with your name on it!"

So I called him and asked if I could pick up the check, cause I am pretty broke. When I opened the envelope of said check, I noticed the check for me was his own personal check. I called him up right away, and asked him if he was being reimbursed, which he said he was. I asked him if he needed me to wait to use this check, asked him was he sure, and told him to please let me know if something came up and he wasn't reimbursed. I reasserted this statement when I saw him later that night, and he said he was sure they'd make the money back.

Now... I feel terrible having the money. I feel like I misunderstood him, and that the actual check was never actual, it was just like a statement of "yes she'll be paid this much" and then he felt bad. Though he says he's sure he'll make it back, um... well i have a lot of experience w/drama club budgets, and that is an iffy statement. This is what i'm THINKING... because i am truly broke... depositing it, but putting half in my savings not to be touched. That way I can pay back a good amount of it if it seems fishy. However....do you think this is inappropriate? what do you all think?

2. I'm throwing myself a big ol' birthday party this month, which a friend of mine offered to host since i live in an apartment and she has a cute house. I would love a huge bash, but don't want to step on her toes. I was chatting up some friends of mine that I was visiting out of town, and two of them when they found out the date, said "That's perfect! We're going to be home that weekend, we'd love to come!" and essentially invited themselves. They do not know my hostess friend... and it's incredibly awkward to me. Is there a graceful way of asking them not to come?

each has its own paragraph-ish background, hence the cuts. thanks!

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