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the other day i was driving out and about w/my daughter, and as usual, we encountered our share of asshole drivers, so she came up w/the following:

national douche-bag day

after having several warnings and tickets for being douche-bag driver, you will recieve a letter in the mail stating that on a given date (24 hours), you will relinquish all rights to driving a motorized vehicle of any will be allowed to leave your home (go to the store, a mall, run errands w/said person, etc...) either on foot, on a bike, or as a passenger in/on a moterized vehicle...however, giving that the letter is fair warning, and you do decide to attempt to venture forth in a motorized vehicle (either yours or someone else's), it will be legal for anyone w/a gun (rifle, bazooka, cannon, etc...) to permanently take you out of the human race altogether. remember, you had been told in advance.

i think this about covers it...

would you add anything to it?

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