Michael (druid_va) wrote in thequestionclub,

Two Choices

So, let's say you have an abscessed molar. It's the last (meaning the one on the end) one on the top left. You have good dental coverage and cost, while a concern, isn't really the deciding factor.

You have two options;

1- Root Canal, build up, and crown. (Root canal and build up for the crown done in one visit lasting about an hour. You'd have a solid crown, the tooth would be "saved" about a day worth of discomfort after the fact) Total amount you'd have to pay for all is just shy of $400.00.

2- Surgical extraction. (The tooth isn't loose, all four roots are soild. The extraction would require cutting the gum, probably breaking the tooth, digging in the jaw to remove all of the root. It would take about 2 hours, cause more discomfort during and after, have a longer recovery time, and cause a higher chance of future complications to surrounding teeth.) Total cost you'd have to pay, $43.00.

You've never had either of these procedures before and have a "healthy" fear of dentists. Which would you choose?

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