Doily (autumncheshcat) wrote in thequestionclub,

My Philosophy class is getting to me...

1. If you could choose to switch lives with someone for a designated period of time, ala Freaky Friday, would you do it? Anyone in particular you'd want to switch with? Would you want to switch with someone permanently?

I'd love to be able to switch lives with anyone for a short period of time. I'm always curious about whether everyone's inner lives are as odd as mine. I'd love the change of perspective. If I got to choose with whom I switched, I'd probably choose to either try being the opposite sex or a total party girl type (my polar opposite). I don't know if I'd ever choose to switch permanently.

2. If you could live in a parallel universe with three people completely erased from it (as in, they'd never been born), who would you get rid of?

I'd probably do away with two high school teachers who emotionally screwed me up pretty badly (long story, they probably should've been fired but weren't). I'd also get rid of Neal Horsely, the creator of The Nuremburg Files.

3. What are your thoughts on perception, life, consciousness, existence, objective vs. subjective reality, and the like? Give me your philosophical ramblings on the meaning of life. Do you believe in a divine being(s)? Afterlife? Why or why not?

4. What song is most moving to you? Any that can make you want to cry?
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