Dayna (zsolarstar) wrote in thequestionclub,

Vicodin, random parties

You guys are all pretty street smart, as far as I know. So here's my question: my boyfriend had only one wisdom tooth removed and the surgeon gave him some Vicodin. He's having pain, but it's not horrible (meaning he's gotten by on half of one on most doses). We have a party tomorrow, and there will be alcohol involved. We both don't want any bad consequences, knowing that alcohol + Vicodin = not a good combo.

Do you know anything about the half-life of Vicodin, or how long it stays in your system before it's okay to consume alcohol?

P.S. The party is for Pocahontas Day, some completely random, obscure, yet absurdly fun holiday my friends made up. We watch Disney's Pocahontas and then proceed to the festivities. Have you and your friends made up any holidays and followed through with them annually?

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