Well, darling, this is it (brokensemaphore) wrote in thequestionclub,
Well, darling, this is it

Boring questions

1. Have you ever taken a college class online?
2. How were your tests/exams formatted?
3. If the corresponding text had a web site with study questions, did the actual test use those questions, or were they new?
4. Can you tell I'm about to take my first online class exam?
5. And here's the longshot: has anyone taken sociology online, using the Social Problems textbook?
6. And here's an unrelated question: do you like snow?  I mean being outside while it's snowing, not just watching it from inside.

1. This is my first
2. 50 multiple choice
3. Boy do I hope they're the same questions =/
4. It should be pretty obvious
5. Please say yes!
6. I fucking hate it.  I hate rain, I hate snow, I hate being wet, I hate being hit with any sort of precipitation.  I'm a scrooge =(</font>

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