for you bouquets & ribbon'd wreaths (foryoubouquets) wrote in thequestionclub,
for you bouquets & ribbon'd wreaths

i'm sick!!

last friday my (twin) sister was told by her doctor she
had strep throat. (she got her antibiotics & is feeling a lot
better now...)
now i feel like crap. but i don't think i have strep (i don't
really have any of these tell-tale signs of strep.
i hate doctors. does anyone have an idea of what i could have?
-monday, i woke up with a real sore throat. now its better but
still slightly irritated.
-whenever i cough, its really harsh - it feels like i have a
lot of crap (aka phlegm) in my lungs
-i'm having difficulty breathing & when i inhale my lungs
make this extremely weird crackling/wheezing noise


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