Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mock Duck

A Question of Conscience

Until a month ago, as you may have picked up, I worked for a large corporation which had better remain nameless. Let's just say there's a high probability you're using one of their products now.
They made me redundant last year: no hard feelings, as I had taken the job knowing it might not last, and I was tired of all the commuting. Also, they gave me a good (ish) severance pay. For a few months, I carried on working for the same corporation on a freelance basis, from home, and I convinced them that this would be much easier if I could have the PC I used to use in the office - it's faster, has XP installed, stuff like that.
Any way, here's the point: I stopped working for them, even in this capacity, a month ago. They're supposed to arrange to have the PC couriered back to them, and I have reminded them twice that I've got it. I also offered to buy it, as I've been using it as my home PC and it has a load of files, email and photos on it that it would be a pain to delete - plus my old PC is crap. I reckon there's only one guy who knows I've got it (or cares) and he's so busy that if I don't push the point, he's almost certainly not going to remember.
So the temptation is clear - keep the PC. They're a big company, it's not going to hurt them... But, I also have a conscience, albeit a highly annoying one, which is urging me to get on the phone and arrange that courier. I must say, though, that its voice is becoming quieter over time...
OK, I think I know what you are going to say - but do feel free to surprise me.

Should I send the PC back to my old place of work?

Of course you should - what are you, a thief?
Of course not, are you some kind of lunatic?
I'm not sure - I'd be as confused as you are.
I have a further suggestion, which I will expound upon in a comment.

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