Annie (lordindra) wrote in thequestionclub,

DVD drive problem

Ok, heres my bizarre problem.

I cannot play region coded DVD's on my computer. I used to be able to. But not anymore. I had last played one around mid december, then a couple weeks later it didn't work.

So, as it stands now, the DVD drive can read and use the following media types wihtout any problems:
Regionless DVD-Video. CD-ROM. DVD-ROM. CD-Audio. CD-R. CD-RW.

However, region coded dvd's... Windows can't even tell there is a disc in the drive at all, much less access it. I've tested on two brand new region coded DVD's and at least half a dozen region coded DVDs that used to work in this very computer.

My memory is a little shaky, but I *think* I installed Services For Unix in between the last succesful play and first failed play, but I'm not sure... it may not have gotten installed until after the problems showed up, or may have been installed before the last succsful play... but it was around that time. I also installed iTunes around that time, but removing that did not help the problem. I do not want to uninstal SFU, but I may try that if you guys can't come up with something better.

I've done the following to try fix it:
Update driver
Update firmware
Change to RPC-2
Reinstall PowerDVD
Uninstall PowerDVD(due to a suggested fix when WMP9 is installed)
Uninstall/reinstall the DVD drive
Tried several other DVD player programs.

Does anyone have any ideas? My only ideas are reinstalling windows and replacing the drive... not too keen on either option, but I might have to. System Restore files don't go back far enough to be of use. Event log doesn't show anything obvious. I really should have pulled an all nighter when it first started giving problems rather than putting it off... my memory of exactly what I had done in the last couple of weeks that could affect things would have been much better...

OS is Windows XP Pro, its a Pioneer DVD-116 drive, I've tried Power DVD 5, WMP9, and a few other programs my sleepy mind is not recalling at the moment. but none of those programs is likely relevant since windows explorer can't even see the disc at all. I double click on the drives icon, "Please insert a disc into drive F:"

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