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So, today I finally got the grade for my biology test back. I did better than I had thought. I think it may have had something to do with the fact the test was a multiple choice.
My question to you: Do you think that multiple choice tests accurately ....evaluate your knowledge on the subject you're being tested on?

Me, I believe that a lot of the times they do not. Obviously if you get every question wrong then you don't know any of the material or else you would have at least gotten some credit for a correct answer you should have marked. However, if you get every answer right that doesn't mean that you know it all. Chances are, you probably guessed on some of them and just got lucky and chose the right answer. I'm not, however, saying that this happens every time, it's just probably a very likely thing to happen. Also, if you forget a fact..and when you read a question and the answers and it suddenly reminds you of the answer..I don't think you should have really gotten that question. Usually, when you are given a question or problem, you aren't given a list of answers but you should know it without looking at other possible answers. But maybe that's just me. Not that I have any problems with multiple choice tests, I'm rather glad such a thing exists, for my sake. I just don't think they accurately test your knowledge. ::nod::

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