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Has anyone used the Motorola T720 for any length of time? I'm looking for people's opinions on this phone, because I'm currently using a loaner phone and I'm sure I ought to return it to them within a week. I've heard that Motorolas in general aren't very good, durability-wise, and the battery life on this cellphone apparently stinks. (I've been scouring the internet for the past few hours, but I'm definitely looking for more info and input from people who have used this phone or other Motorolas.)

I have used two Qualcomms, the 2035 and the 3225, and the LG VX3100 (though that was for two days.) The 3225 is the love of my life, but it can't hold a signal in my driveway as I'm apparently in a fringe area for my cellular service provider. I was told that I could get out of my contract because I'm just not getting service. I'd rather try and stick with Alltel, because I have a shared family plan, but other service providers are beginning to look good.

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