nowhere man (noattentionspan) wrote in thequestionclub,
nowhere man

i know this is kind of an annoying question

there are some songs on my computer at school that i really like but have no clue what they are. they're all listed as electronic, but other than that i have no information except song titles. the first one is called 'stop' and has the following lyrics

hey boy now just listen to me
stop playing with me you're not funny
completely fed up with your bore
can't take your nagging anymore

i was head over heels in love
don't get your knickers in a ?????
??i should to tell you where to get out??

then there's a song called maple drive, which is a remix of the rainbow bright song. there's an instrumental called 'lasers' and then a song called 'forever' which simply has the lyrics
forever young, i want to be forever young
do you really want to live forever?
live forever, forever, and ever

i've googled these to no end but without success. has anyone heard any of these songs before? i realize they could just be random homemade mp3s, but if you think you might know who they're by... it would be greatly appreciated.

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