Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mock Duck

One for all you housewives / househusbands

A laundry question for the many millions of folk who are more accomplished at housework than I am.

I've seen a friend boil teatowels in bleach to get them truly clean. Does anyone know
-how much bleach to use?
-how long to boil?
-whether I need to do this in a pan I won't be cooking food in again, because bleach is a poison?

Also, does anyone know a good way of removing accumulated deodorant stains from the armpits of shirts? No matter how many times I wash certain shirts, the deodorant stains stay. I wear the shirt and it stays fresh for about an hour and then the old deodorant starts to smell, and it's a bit sour.

Thanks, all!

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