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I'm home from college for Christmas. Here at home we have DSL service, and I need to put in our DNS Server numbers inorder to get online from home. The problem is, I have Windows XP on my laptop and the booklet with the DSL instructions is for 95/98. Since XP hides EVERYTHING I can't find where to put in these numbers! When we first started my laptop it had a prompt in the beginning 'set up pages' for thoes numbers so i was able to enter them, but it erased them when i went to college.

The instructions I have are:
1. Click Start
2. click settings
3. Click on the Control Panel folder
4. Click Network icon
5. Click on the TCP/IP icon for your ethernet card
6. Click on the Properties button.

Ok, so I have a few less steps to open Control Panel, and there is no "Network" icon, but i opened "Network Connections" and the only icon in that folder is "Local Area Connection" so I click on it's properties, but there is no "TCP/IP" option, and no where to put in these numbers!

Please help me! ;_;

cross posted in randomquestions cause I'm desperate for an answer.

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