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First, some background information. I'm a teacher. I'm starting a unit in my social studies class (grade 10) called Canadian Government and Politics (I live in Alberta, Canada). I thought up a great way to introduce it. I'm going to do Social Studies Survivor. I'm going to set them up with a scenario where the class is on a cruise ship in the South Pacific and then it sinks and they get in life boats (room for 4 people on each life boat) and float to the nearest island. Each life boat ends up on a different island (i.e. there are 4 islands with 4 people on each island). While they are exploring the island, their boats get washed away. On each island there is running water, many different kinds of fruit trees, and lots of palm trees. There's also fish in the ocean around each island. So then each group has to decide what decisions would have to be made, what rules must be made, and how these decisions and rules would be made. After the group comes up with the answers to those questions, I am going to present some situations to them and then they'd have to decide what to do based on the rules and decisions they'd made. For example: "One of the members in your group eats your entire stash of harvested fruit. What do you do?" or "One of the members of your group wanders off on his/her own. The rest of the group spends the entire day looking for him. You finally find him sleeping under a palm tree. What do you do?" and "One of the members of your group orders the rest of the group around, making you catch fish all day. What do you do?" And that kind of thing. So, for example, if one of their rules was "Food shall be shared equally between all members of the group" and their method of enforcement is "Any breach of rules will result in the rule breaker not being permitted to join the rest of the group for supper that night", their response to a scenario like "One group member steals all the food" would be to disallow that person from sharing supper with them. I'm trying to come up with scenarios that might be analogous to rules that we have in North American society. Like, you know: don't steal, don't kill people, don't hurt people, etc. And responsibilites of citizens, too, like voting, paying taxes, respecting one's country, etc. Can you think up some other good desert island scenarios that would be analogies for something that laws would protect against in a formal society?

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