The Dispatcher (ex_911pleas) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Dispatcher

1. When was your last power outtage? What did you do during it?
2. What should you be doing right now?
3. What's your favorite candy?
4. Were you ever a Boy//Girl Scout?
5. Would you rather sleep on a mattress of daggers or in a hammock of barbed wire?
6. Musicals: Fun or Freaky?
7. Where is your best friend right now? How long have you known them?

1. YESTERDAY! It was only for two hours, but we had one for five days about 2 weeks ago. I baby-sat two of the nights for my neighbors, and stayed at my sister's the rest.
2. Paying attention in class.
3. Sour Patch Kids, forever!
4. No, sadly. But I did help my friend sell her cookies.
5. Mattress of daggers. Hammocks swing.
6. Fun!
7. I think she's in her French class. I've known her since I was a teeny little toddler.

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