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cell phones...

Does anyone here use Sprint PCS and have the Visions thing? If so, do you have the LG5350 phone? If you do... could you help me with this a little bit? Most importantly I'm trying to figure out the whole messaging thing... and text messages from LJ... and getting on to AIM from my cell phone which I know people can do.... also downloading software to my phone. How do I do this stuff? If you'd rather not answer here, you can either IM me at yammer98 or you can send me an e-mail to ladygeekster@livejournal.com. Any help I could get on this would be greatly appreciated.

A lot of SprintPCS's web site is down... and last night their entire network was down... if I tried to call Customer Solutions it would hang up on me... even from my regular phone. So any help I can get would be most wonderfully appreciated. Thank you. ^_^

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