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College things...

I need some help with
I can never remember how the fuck to do this. Ok, let's say I had 13 credit hours last semester. I failed 7 of those (yeah, I suck) and got a B and a B- in the other six hours, making my final GPA a 1.315. This semester I want to take 15 credit hours (all 3credit classes). What the fuck kind of grades do I have to get in these classes to get my GPA at LEAST over a 2.5?

Am I lucky as hell that I'll be registering on the second day of classes and I still managed to get a decent schedule?

Have you ever totally changed your expected major? I went from art to criminal justice with an eye towards law school, because I heard the art department here is known for the kind of bullshit I got hit with last semester.

What are you taking this semester and what is your major, or, if you're not in college, what WOULD you like to take and/or major in?

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