Ilyse Rose (ilysespieces) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ilyse Rose

1. What was the last dream you can remember?

2. How old are you?

3. What foods can't you stand?

4. What's the coolest prank?

5. Do you like posts with one question with a long back story or posts with many questions that have nothing to do with each other?

1. I was in a big room with lots of beds. My close friends were there, and a lot of my lj friends (some from this comm, some from the colbert report comm) but everyone was their icons, even the ones who i've seen/seen pictures of. we were all eating from a large cake. it was strawberry flavored and my dad got mad.

2. 18.

3. bananas. and ketchup. i've started telling people i just meet that i'm allergic to bananas so they'll stop saying "omgzzzzz bananas are awesome. here eat this one and you'll love them forever..."

4. Either saran wrapping someone's car from top to bottom, with baloney and silly string underneath (apparently it eats at paint if left on long enough) or smearing poop on the underside of someone's car door handles.

5. Those are pretty much the only 2 posts I make. I love posts with many questions with nothing to do with each other.

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