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1) Is there a restaurant that no matter how many times they screw up your order, you always go back anyways? Why?

2) Is there one where you refuse to ever go back? Why?

1) There is a chinese/japanese food place in town that makes the most delicious teriyaki chicken. But they always mess up my order and me being stupid, I forget to check and then have to come all the way back. Last time, they forgot to put the teriyaki on, and tonight they gave me fried rice instead of white rice. But it's so delicious! And it's so cheap! So I forgive them.


2) I will never go back to O'Charley's. I've been to 3 different locations, and each time, at a slow lunch, it still took an hour to get our food. Their food is good, but not an hour wait good. And although it got comped a few times, I still just don't want to go back.

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