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Challenge of the Week

7:44 PM 1/3/07 · Unlike my usual movie related challenges, I don't mind if you decide to source info from the Internet Movie Database or Wikipedia. Feel free...although I would prefer you pick stuff you've actually seen. There's no way I can actually confirm that little fact though so we're gonna have to operate on faith.

How many movies can you name that had no more than 10 actors in it?
  • This counts both main characters, minor ones, & extras.

  • No listing porn films, that's too easy.

  • Big screen movies are preferrable but not necessary.

  • That's about it for any kinda rules.

    I could only think of two offhand; whole idea came to me while I was waiting for the bus:

    The Breakfast Club:
    I figure this was just 7 actors, possibly 8: the kids number 5 and with the teacher and the janitor that makes 7. You only really see the jock's father outside but he doesn't say much of anything. Course, as extras go you figure the other cars had parents in them so this might fail in that respect. Haven't seen it in awhile but I'm pretty sure it's only 10.

    Two Girls and a Guy:
    This movie literally only has 3 people in it: the guy and the two girls he's been seeing behind their backs.

    Can you top that?

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