Zee (lucid_fragments) wrote in thequestionclub,

1) Ever had a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach only to learn not too long after something had happened to someone you cared about?
- I started to feel weird yesterday morning at work around 3:47am. I later learned that my sister was taken to the ER around that time because she was in very intense pain. I also woke up around 11am for some odd reason looked around my room and went back to sleep [I work from 6pm - 6am] and later learned that my mom was taken to the ER as well because she had some allergic reaction to something or other.

2) Can you recommend a good eyeliner and a good website with make-up applying techniques to someone who has yet to learn how properly apply make-up despite being 22 years old...?
- I was using a powder but that smudges after a while creating these awful black lines.

3) What's the most overtime you have ever accumulated in a month?
- So far that would be 76 hours, 40 of which was done in the span of week...

4) What are you looking forward to this weekend?
- Well my weekend official starts at 6am, in which case I plan to get my hair cut, see my best friend (haven't seen her in almost 2 months), visit my old job, pick up a friend from the airport, see another friend I haven't seen in over 4 years, visit my parents (haven't seen them in almost a month) and catch up on my FFXII game (my roommate is ahead of me). I'm just finally happy I don't have to work overtime and will get 3 days off rather than a span of 24 hours that was only done so I can swap from working 6pm - 6am one day to 6am - 6pm the next. Oy...

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